Fortia Energy

We develop power plants for industrial consumption. The Fortia team is motivated to provide green, clean & sustainable energy to cater to the power needs of India.

What We Do

At Fortia, We focus on developing Solar power plants for Industrial consumption. By achieving this we provide cost effective green and renewable energy to our Industrial customers. We at Fortia, by providing green and sustainable energy are tirelessly working to cater the power needs of Industries in India and around the globe with respect to the customers consumption.

Why Solar?

In India, We receive 4.7kWh of solar radiation per square meter per day with 300-325 sunny days in a year
But more than 50% of India's energy is currently being produced by coal. In the long run this is neither sustainable nor environmentally friendly
Fortia is committed to spearheading the solar energy revolution. Join us in our efforts to build a new green world.

Growth of Solar Energy in India


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